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Gasconsult Limited is an independent LNG liquefaction technology licensor that co-operates with owners of gas reserves, project developers, OEMs and E&C companies world-wide.

A summary of the technical content of this web-site is available as ZR-LNG Technical Summary in DOWNLOADS.

Gasconsult’s patented ZR-LNG (Zero-Refrigerant) process is highly differentiated. It combines simplicity with an energy efficiency comparable to modern base-load plants; around 300kWh/tonne in temperate climates. It uses no external refrigerants, using the natural gas feed as the refrigerant medium in an optimised system of expanders; achieving the highest methane cycle efficiency commercially available. The simple design and elimination of refrigerant infrastructure reduces capital cost, the project implementation schedule and footprint of the plant. The process is suitable for use in the capacity range 0.05 – 2.5 million tonnes/year per train. Engineering has been developed for nominal 1.5 million and 1.0 million tonnes/year FLNG modules.

ZR-LNG has been progressively developed. Audits by two oil majors and several leading LNG engineering companies have validated the basic design. Leading OEMs have confirmed machine configurations and that all equipment operates in a window of proven operating experience.



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