About Us

Gasconsult Limited is a liquefied natural gas technology and project development company. It is staffed by experienced personnel from the E&C sector and is owned by its executive management.

Gasconsult have developed a simplified LNG liquefaction technology ZR-LNG (Zero Refrigerant LNG). This technology (UK patent GB 2486036 – 2012, China Patent ZL 201280027025.X – issued 2016, Japan Patent 5984192 – issued 2016 and other international patents pending) builds on existing Gasconsult LNG patents (UK 2393504 B – 2005; US 7234321 B2 – 2007) covering its AR-LNG (Autogenous Refrigeration) process.

GASCONSULT offer the technology on a licensed basis through provision of front end design packages of flexible scope to suit client’s requirements. Licenses are available to LNG producers directly who may then arrange for plant design and installation by an Engineering & Construction (E&C) company of their choice. Licenses are also available to E&Cs who may wish to offer the technology on a case by case project basis or secure a specific geography for exclusive marketing.

GASCONSULT is an independent company, has no ties to equipment manufacturers and no manufacturing shop to sustain. All equipment in the ZR-LNG process is available from multiple vendors and can thus be sourced competitively, providing opportunities to reduce project costs and schedule.