ZR-LNG finds application in on-shore, near-shore and off-shore mid-scale LNG production.  Single train capacities are feasible in excess of 2 million tonnes/year for land based plants and 1.5 million tonnes per year for FLNG schemes based on aero-derivative gas turbine drivers. Single train capacities of this magnitude facilitate phased increase of capacity to significant production levels to meet market growth or match clients cash constraints.

The low capital cost introduces a game changing ‘size fit’ making ZR-LNG suitable for deployment on gas fields with limited reserves and which cannot sustain the production or capital requirements of high capacity multiple refrigerant base-load plants.

Its simplicity, low equipment count, low footprint and absence of external refrigerants makes ZR-LNG particularly applicable for remote operations or FLNG. To this end a design has been developed for a 1.5 million tonne/year compact liquefaction module for FLNG deployment. This would allow production of 3 million tonnes/year of LNG from a two train plant on a hull 380m x 65m.